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May - A Month In Pictures

First of all, how is it June next week already?! May has been a super busy month for us! Before it all started though we headed for an extremely scrummy breakfast to 'discuss business' (but just ended up having a right good natter about, well.. everything else!)
Then we were off to London for Progressive Greetings Live 2016 on the hunt for some fabulous new card suppliers for you lovely people! :)
As Reta Awards Finalists (waaah!), we were also lucky enough to be invited to a champagne reception and found ourselves upon the Wall of Fame, which was all slightly surreal after only being in the shop since October! 
After meeting some lovely people & new suppliers, we headed for some dinner and of course a few cocktails before starting the trip back to Edinburgh. 
Sarah Kelleher Cards - in store now! 
Amy Charlotte Cards - in store now! 
After London, I disappeared to the sea for a few days to have some chill time, and the sun was actually shining! Eating lunch with this gorgeous view was definitely a highlight! 
During all these mini-trips, we had a lot of new stock deliveries to the shop, which you can find in our previous post :) 
We also had some lovely new business cards designed, and these have been going down a treat! 
Towards the end of the month, the Flying Scotsman returned to Edinburgh! There was such a fab buzz about the city, and lucky Sue managed to catch a glimpse of it... 
Then we decided it was time to give the window a little spruce up for summer, so had great fun one Friday afternoon messing about with flowers, butterflies and our vintage bike! 
And to round off the month, possibly one of the most exciting things happened... the sun started shining! We adore Edinburgh all year round, but there is something very special about Edinburgh in the sunshine :) 
We hope you've all had a good month! What's been your highlight?!
Present xo

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