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Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Week 1

Hello lovely people!
It's that time of year again - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival! This is one of our favourite times of year and we love the amazing atmosphere it brings to the city. It is officially the largest arts festival in the world, with upwards of 30,000 performances taking place over 25 days. This year we are also celebrating its 70th anniversary, which has given the city an extra special little buzz! 
We have filled the shop with loads of goodies, stuffed some buckets with sweets and loaded lots of feel good music onto our jukebox. 
We also introduced our brand new colouring wall! You can find this up the back of the shop - have a colour and help us raise money for our local homeless charities. 
We can't believe how far it's come in just 1 week... 
We've of course stocked up on all your favourite postcards as well!
and hanging next to them is where you can find the sweeties..
So if you're visiting the Fringe Festival this year, be sure to pop in and say hello! We can't wait for the next few weeks of shows, street performances & numerous trips to the gin tent!
Present xo 



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